About E-Learning

Here at Compliant Services we offer a comprehensive range of online health and safety, health and social care and business development E-Learning courses that are updated and reviewed on a continual basis to ensure they comply with current guidance and legislation.


Our one-on-one tutor led E-learning courses are packed with all the information your employees need to keep your business safe and compliant and they are always up to date. 


Live pictures, animated graphics and the personality of the presenter form part of a very effective virtual learning environment. 


Video E-Learning achieves better communication through the power of face-to-face eye contact that builds trust, triggers emotion and captures a memorable tone and style while communicating the essence of the learning content.


These courses meet all statutory training requirements and are easy to administer using an online control panel. Available at a fraction of the cost you would expect, this online training has the added bonus of a minimal loss of productivity through being efficient and flexible.

These course are intended to be engaging and interactive. They include activities, quizzes and scenarios that reinforce information and keep learners interested. Each course ends with an assessment that is designed to prove that delegates have reached the required level of knowledge. These tests also help employers to demonstrate that they have fulfilled their legal duties to ensure their personnel have been adequately trained.

Once you have seen what we have to offer, don't hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to get you set up with your E-Learning solution.


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